Multiple addthis instances on same page linking to different URL or page

addThis is a great tool that’s easy for sharing content via social networks. By default, when you put an addThis widget on a page, it shares the page it is put on. When you want ultimate addThis widgets linking to different pages on the same page (e.g. if you are at a page that is an overview of posts), then you need to use some extra parameters in order to have multiple instances linking to different pages.

The parameters to use are:

addthis:url (the necessary one in this example)
addthis:title (optional)
addthis:description (optional)

And an example of it in action:

<a href="" 
      addthis:title="Multiple addthis instances on same page"
      addthis:description="An Example Description"></a>

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2 thoughts on “Multiple addthis instances on same page linking to different URL or page

  1. I have just tried it on my blog and it works fine, but since i made it the loading of the page is longer, i think there are some options to make load only when the mouse is over the addthis bar.

  2. Hai,
    “addthis:description” is not working for to share one more information to the social side using same addthis code?

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